Questions & Answers

How does it work:

- Have your network administrator install DBconnect.
  • - Link to your access database and configure the setup.
  • - Click open dashboard and you are live. 😊
  • It is important to note that the database remains on the school computer or server.

Are there any disadvantages:

As the database remains on the school computer there are not any disadvantages. So users can enter via the normal school network or the online system.

Linked with ACTion Timetable

Yes you can view the teachers and students timetables online.

timetable teacher

What is I use 3rd party admin system

The system can work if you have another admin system though some modules might not be accessible.

As long as your admin system, when it updates SaSams, does an edit update and not a complete new rewrite. A new rewrite will reset the data in the database and you will lose online data already entered. Ask you admin system if it is compatible. It has been tested with Saspac.

WHo can have a login account

Accounts can be created for all teachers off course as the marks and absentees can be entered online.

Parents and students have access via the mobile communications app.