Free for schools to use.
2023 FULLY sponsored appoved.
Zoom discussions on the first Wednesday of every month.
To date done online by teachers:
Total online absentees: 170 000
Total online marks entered: 740 000
Total sms send: 150 000


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Teachers can enter their marks online from home.


Teachers can mark absentees online. Parents can track attendance with mobile app.

Database Connection

Database remains on school computer and users log in online.

Home work

Students and parents now know the daily homework.


Easy login and accessibility. Marks, Absentee, Report comments.

School Info

View school data online including timetables.

Take your database online


Progress Report

Customize the reports and linked to the live marks.

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Insight into your data

Your data, is now easily viewed online

Info at your fingertips

Quickly find people, data and timetables


For staff, parents, teachers and students.

Mobile App

View info on your mobile phone. IOS and Android.


Pinpoint and track potential issues.


Increase productivity and performance.

Color Visual Display

Color highlights the importance and gives data insights.


Communicate directly to staff and parents with the mobile app. Notifications are displayed on mobile device.

Mobile App

Absentee can be done on phone - view data

Sections and Assignments

View with insight into: grades, sections details and assignments.

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